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Top Reasons to Get in Touch:


  1. I need to be connected to "basic needs" (i.e. housing, food, utility, job, translation, and clothing assistance).

  2. I am curious about local "childcare" options for my 0-5 year old (i.e. licensed centers and/or home providers).

  3. I have questions about my "child’s development" and/or behavior.

  4. I am "pregnant and/or have a child ages 0-3 years old" and would like to get connected to local service providers:

    • Pregnancy Support

    • Programs for Infants and Toddlers (0-3 years)

    • Family Engagement Activities

    • Parent Support

    • Counseling Services

    • Home Visitation Programs

    • Access to medical and dental providers

  5. I am curious about free or low-cost "preschool" opportunities for my 3-5 year old.

  6. I have a specific "parenting question" and would like to speak to a Help Me Grow care coordinator.  

Moving In

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       Contact us by completing this form.


After you connect, complete the Ages and Stages Questionnaire today (no cost)!