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Family Coaches & Playgroups

We have Family Coaches serving every school district: Fennville, Allegan, Plainwell, Otsego, Hopkins, Martin, and Wayland!


Family Coaches are eager to welcome new families to their school district, to provide initial developmental screenings, to support families with questions about local resources, and to host monthly Play-and-Learn groups for children ages 0-5 years old with their parent/guardian using evidence-based practices!


Family Coach positions and materials are funded by a grant from the Michigan Dept. of Education.

For more information, including updates, schedules and Play-and-Learn Zoom links, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Art Class

Play-and-Learn (PAL) "TALKING IS TEACHING" Groups

FREE Allegan County Play-and- Learn groups are available for children birth to five years old with their parent, grandparent, or legal guardian. Each PAL group encourages caregiver and child interaction. Groups consist of several age appropriate activities and learning experiences to promote physical, academic, and social & emotional development in all young children. A FREE book is always provided at every PAL for families to promote reading at home and to build up home libraries. See our 2021-2022 Play-and-Learn locations and schedules below.

Books, Balls, and Blocks Events

Family Coaches offer two FREE developmental screening opportunities each school year called Books, Balls, and Blocks events, as well as, strategies and tools to support different developmental milestones in ASQ-3 (Ages and Stages Questionnaire) and ASQ-SE (Ages and Stages Questionnaire-Social Emotional) questionnaires. Please contact your local Family Coach for more information or complete an online ASQ here.


Please contact Becky Huberty (269) 512-7738 for general information. 


Family Coaches

Children are like flowers.
Let your gentle words fall on them like rain and watch them blossom into the beautiful flower they are meant to be.  
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Looking for something fun to do?


For more local events, check out these two great resources!

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